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RSP Amino Acids, LLC is a custom amino acid product company with core expertise in creating unique chiral building blocks for synthesis and screening in medicinal, biochemical, and genetic research.  Our business is global with customers in  pharmaceutical companies, teaching hospitals and research institutions.

For over fifteen years we have surveyed chemists worldwide selecting which side chain properties, synthetic handles and protection chemistries are most important for their work. Where possible we have analogued in privileged functional groups already critical in medicine.  Our products have helped create seminal works for science' most prestigious journals and gone into many patents.  Please contact us so we can help you cover and protect intellectual property space.  Products are available from 100 mg, grams, Kg, and large scale.

Here you can:

  • Request a product quotation to your email
  • Register and request an electronic copy our Building Block Index in pdf and sdf formats.
  • Examine RSP's capabilities for products, customs, exclusives and research partnerships.
  • Make special requests for protection variants, chiral variants and functional derivatives per capabilities.
  • View selected products in our open market product list.
  • Contact Us at phone: 978-448-3911, fax: 978-448-2914, and email:
  • We will examine opportunities for us to sell your chiral, amino acid research products--just ask.


All RSP Amino Acids products are sold as reference research products and not for drug use.

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