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Product classes, side chain functional index key

0000-0999aliphatic amino acids (alkane, alkene, alkyne and cyclic
1000-2999single ring aromatic amino acids
3000-3499Polycyclic aromatic amino acids
3500-4499single ring heterocyclic amino acids
4500-4999polycyclic heteronuclear amino acids
5000-5499amino and alkyl amino group containing amino acids
6000-6499guanidine and amidine containing side chains
6500-6999hydroxy and alkoxy containing side chains
mercapto and alkylmercapto containing side chains
7500-7999Other heteroatom containing side chains
8000-8499alpha imino acids
8500-8999non-alpha amino acids (beta and reverse beta amino acids)
9000-9999alpha amino acids lacking either the alpha amino or alpha carboxyl groups, amino alcohols and alpha hydroxy acids
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